A favorite of SEALs and civilian shooters alike, Aimpoint’s Micro T1 red dot sight is light, durable and spot-on when the lead’s flying in close encounters.

Well, not to rest on its laurels, Aimpoint has just introduced a new and improved Micro red dot dubbed the Micro T2. This little dandy features a new sight housing that accommodates flip-up lens protectors, anti-reflective optics, a more durable protective coating and hardened internal components.

“Instead of merely making improvements to an existing product, our development group started with a completely new design” said Brian Lisankie, President of Aimpoint Inc. “In terms of the optical components, the Micro T-2 takes the level of performance available from a compact sight to an entirely new level. It also provides features and performance formerly available only in much larger optics.”

The Micro T2 is compatible with Aimpoint’s magnifiers and other accessories, and works with most night vision devices. The company says the CR-2032-powered optic can last for five years of constant on and is submersible to 25 feet.