Mesa Tactical has introduced a new entry in its Urbino Tactical Stock System line designed for the Mossberg 930 autoloading shotgun. The Urbino stocks are pistol grip units made from injection-molded glass-filled nylon with a short 12.5-inch length of pull. The grips are soft urethane rubber for a sure and solid hold in all environments and while wearing gloves. Limbsaver butt pads, adjustable cheek risers, and a variety of sling mounts are all optional.

Shorter stocks, often popular on tactical shotguns, are not easily added to Mossberg 930s. Since the Mossberg 930’s recoil system extends to the factory butt pad on the original stock, it needed to be modified utilizing a shorter return spring and housing to fit within the shorter Urbino stock. This is the first Mesa Tactical stock kit that required modifications to a shotgun’s factory recoil system.

The optional field-adjustable cheek riser provides a better cheek weld, especially when using optics. The Limbsaver butt pad delivers comfort, especially with repeated shots during training or competition. The Urbino Tactical Stock System starts at an MSRP of $125. The model with the Limbsaver butt pad is $150, while the model with the cheek riser and standard butt pad is $155. The Urbino with both the cheek riser and the Limbsaver butt pad has an MSRP of $180. Urbino stocks are made in the U.S.A. and come with a limited lifetime warranty.