Leading handgun manufacturer Sig Sauer is jumping into the ammunition market with its new line of Elite Performance handgun rounds.

Designed specifically for self defense, the Sig ammo features a proprietary SIG V-Crown jacketed hollow point for reliable expansion round after round. The new line includes a 90 grain .380 auto; 124 grain 9mm Luger; 125 grain .357 SIG; 165 grain .40 S&W and a 200 grain .45 ACP.

“Every product Sig Sauer produces will have the same attributes for which our firearms are known around the world — reliability, accuracy, and unparalleled performance,” said Jeff Creamer, Sig Sauer director of product management. “This new Elite Performance Ammunition consistently delivers controlled, uniform expansion and terminal performance, round after round. We are excited to enter the ammunition market and will be adding additional bullet weights for pistols as well as rifle ammunition in the months ahead.”

Engineers with Sig created the V-Crown stacked hollow point with an additional smaller hollow point cavity behind the main cavity to help with controlled, uniform expansion at most distances and velocities. The design also features a toothed cannelure halfway up the shank to help with structural integrity for optimum energy transmission on contact.