Meprolight, the Israeli maker of laser and electro-optical equipment for military, law enforcement, and civilian use, is introducing two new laser range finders and a laser pointer at Eurosatory 2014, the major European defense and security exhibition which runs June 16-20 in Paris.

The new MEPRO LRF 20-70 is a compact Erbium Glass Technology laser range finer with a range of 20,000 meters (almost 12.5 miles) and repetition rate of 1 or 3 pulses per second. Higher repetition rates deliver more accurate and updated ranges on moving targets. In addition to a sealed version for direct mounting onto existing weapon or surveillance platforms, there’s also an open frame model for integration into stabilized electro-optical systems. The laser is eye-safe.

The MEPRO LRF 15-02 is an updated model with a range of up to 10,000 meters. It’s available in sealed, open frame, or self-tactical versions and its light, compact design makes it ideal for integration into handheld devices, multi-sensor platforms, remote weapon stations, or right on a weapon itself. The new model utilizes an avalanche photodiode receiver for increased sensitivity. This update improves the range finder’s range and accuracy.

The MEPRO STING is a dual-wavelength laser pointer which emits both red and infrared laser beams. It’s light at only 220 grams and allows the shooter to aim and fire without looking through the weapon’s sight.

This laser technology, currently professional-grade and usually found only in use by military and other governmental agencies, is advancing rapidly and it won’t be long before high-performance gear like these models becomes available and affordable to the civilian gun owner similarly to how night vision and thermal vision is becoming more and more popular in the hands of hunters and sport shooters.