The shift of black rifles to colors other than black continues to gain steam. While matte black has been at the core of the tactical revolution and will remain the single most common color for guns and accessories, other shades, not all of them traditional military-style hues, are becoming more and more common. Firefield’s Quad Rail line is expanding from black-only to include Dark Earth and Olive Drab, and their drop-in nature makes it quick and easy to change the look of their AR.

The two-piece Quad Rails are easily mounted by the end user with only a hex key to lock them into place and are constructed of anodized aluminum for maximum durability and scratch prevention. The mil-spec tactical rails have numbered slots to make mounting accessories in the right spot an easy task.

The line features Carbine 12 inch and 6.7 inch, Carbine 12.25 inch and 6.9 inch free-float, and Rifle 10.25 inch free-float, and even an 8.65 inch model for the AK. All models are available in black, dark earth, and olive drab.

Many parts and accessories are available from many manufacturers that will match the military colors of these Firefield Quad Rails.  With a quick change of rails, a matching color magazine, and perhaps other accessories such as a stock, a base black gun can be transformed into something that looks completely different and can also benefit from better camouflage and concealment in certain environments.