During the period of time following the debut of color television, many programs began to include an “In Color!” tag to their introduction once they were switched over to the exciting new technology to announce their conversion and to make those stuck watching in black and white just a little bit jealous. As colors and other aesthetic options grow in popularity in the tactical firearm market, manufacturers are making sure that their new offerings stand out from the crowd of traditional black and desert tan guns. Smith & Wesson’s new color models in their M&P15-22 line do just that.

The M&P15-22 rimfire AR-pattern rifles are among the most popular ARs chambered for .22LR, and the black and camouflage models have been selling well. Four new models introduced for 2014, though, take things to the next level. Pink Platinum Matte, Purple Platinum Matte, Tan Back Matte, and Harvest Moon Orange camo patterns bring the M&P15-22 functionality and reliability to a new generation of shooters who want a distinctive gun that not only shoots well but displays a personality.

All four models feature the same 16.5” carbon steel barrel, polymer upper and lower receiver, six-position adjustable stock, dual aperture adjustable rear sight, and 25-round magazine that shooters love about the M&P15-22. Additionally, state compliant models with fixed stocks, ten-round mags, and no flash hider are available in all four colors.